DODGE V10 -  General Information

VIPER V10    9 litre engine upgrades

As you can see from the pictures on this page and elsewhere in this section, we have done a lot of work on this engine. Check out the information on the twin turbo charged engine we built back in 1994 that was the first 1000 BHP Twin Turbo viper ever built in the world ,  there was a lot of development work went onto that  as well as body and suspension and brake modification done to the car.

Complete Viper kit
Liners, pistons conrods and all the other bits and pieces that make up our Dodge V10 engine upgrade

As for this engine what we have done removed the liners from the block bored the block and fitted Darton  top hat liners increasing the bore from 4 inches to 4.155 inches this alone will give you an increase in capacity from 7992 cc to  8622 cc we also increased the stroke to 4.030 giving us 8957 cc other changes were the 6.25 H beam Conrods also the pistons were Forged JE  with Plasma moly rings,  we had a special Comp Cams grind giving 274 duration inlet 286 exhaust lift .566 inlet .576 exhaust with 1.7 roller rockers, chrome moly push rods. We had a special Cometic head gasket made and ARP head stud kit.

h beam conrod for Viper
Replacement 6 1/4 inch piston pin to crank centres  H beam conrod for Viper

The heads have undergone quite a bit of modification. The chambers they  have been reshaped to increase flow around the valves, and the valves themselves are titanium 7mm stems. Inlet is 2.050 and the exhaust is 1.62 inches. The retainers are now titanium too, and compression has gone up to10.75 to 1.

Viper heads ready to bolt on
Modified Dodge V10 clyinder heads ready to holt onto block

The power output  of 720 BHP @ 6000 RPM and the FT LBS torque 723 @ 4000 RPM the standard engine was 450 BHP @ 5000 RPM and 500 FT LBS of torque @ 3600 RPM

We also fitted Stainless Steel after market 5 into 1 merge headers and uprated clutch.

For any other information either email us, or call our parts and technical information hotline 07910 384591