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RND Engineering - our home page.

For parts and technical information, call  +44 (0)1722 239616.

You can also email us at

Over the years, our cars and work have received a great deal of coverage by the motoring press as well as the mainstream media. Much of it is still there on the internet. Just do a Google search by typing in RND Engineering, or using the name of its predecessor company, Autocraft SVE....

ProCharger - centrifugal superchargers for road, track and marine

Lloyds Specialist Developments Ltd. - 4-wheel rolling road hub dyno, engine remapping, chip development

55 Woodcock Road
Woodcock Industrial Estate
BA12 9DX
01985 988082, Mobile 07877 465145

Speed Eight Performance - As of Feb. 2019, the RND Engineering-developed TVR product line, intellectual copyright and stock, has been transferred to Eric Van Spelde of Speed Eight Performance. Please email him direct for parts and services related to these cars, at

Swamp Thing 4x4 - website includes details of Monster Truck events

TVRCC - TVR Car Club website


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