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'Blast from the Past' '69 Ford Mustang

1969 Mustang with ProChargerr

'Old Skool' American muscle meets 21st century supercharging technology. ProCharger mounted to front of engine with toothed belt drive from cankshaft pulley. Red relief valve is visble on branched intake from ProCharger to top of pressurised carburettor.

69 Mustang engine bay

The '69 in action. With around 800 bhp under the hood, you can expect this car to be running more than competitive 1/4 mile times.

TVR Tuscan S with that little bit extra...

ProCharger installation on TVR Speed 6 in a 2003 Tuscan S

...Well actually quite a lot extra. But every bit of rat-like cunning was needed to get all the components under the bonnet of this iconic British sport car, which uniquely is fitted with the company's own design of straight 6 DOHC engine. The ProCharger itself lives down on the left hand side of the engine compartment - together with its K&N free-flow air filter element clipped to the compressor housing air intake.

The clever bit lies in the way that the air-to air intercooling is arranged by a 'pass through' heat exchanger (or should that be 'cold exchanger'...?) that sits just upstream from the EFi throttle bodies, and itself lies within the pressurised intake system manifolding. This core is in turn kept cool by cold water being constantaly re-circulated between it and another heat exchanger located at the front of the car in the nose. The aluminium plate and filler cap just visible on the RH side facting forward is the top of the cold water header tank that feeds this separate system.

Hog with Attitude

ProCharger fitted to Harley V-twin

Harley Davidson 2004 Road King Custom V-twin motor given the ProCharger treatment. B1 size ProCharger fitted to LH of engine and polished so's it looks like an OEM fitment. This particular Road King now develops 220 BHP, and now has a Baker race transmission and King Kong clutch to handle the seriously increased off the line torque that forced induction can produce.

Harley-Davidson ProCharger fitted

And here's the complete bike, showing off its tastefully applied black and grey 'shadow' flame paint job. 'One lucky owner', we say.

Corvette has it Covered

2014 Corvette Procharger engine bay

This is the one for those out there who still bemoan the fact that they don't make 'em like the used to. Detroit muscle, that is. Well, perhaps the factory no longer does, but there are plenty of brave tuners out there still able and willing to put back the 'ponies' that the bean counters and the EPA between them have whittled away out from out from the wheels of today's showroom offerings.

As with this nifty black number from GM's 2014 model line up. Take the F-1X model ProCharger, tuck it down the side of the legendary Chevrolet 5.7 litre V8 in its modern all-fuel injected form, and the end product what you see here is a power plant capable of a whopping 1086 bhp. Of course, we all know its not as simple as that, but a lot simpler that getting the same bhp by going down the conventional normally aspirated or even the turbo route.

Blue Thunder

Dodge Challenger 800 bhp

Perhaps one of the best of the recent 're-takes' on the 70s 'Coke bottle' muscle car shape, the 2015 through 2021 Dodge Challengers with the 3.6 litre VVT V6 engines are now generating more power that the typical larger capacity V8 of 10 years ago. But there are always those out there who want to have their cake and eat it. So ProCharger performance for these cars now comes in a 'bolt on' package. Power gains are 45% on normal premium pump fuel from just 7 psi of boost. That boost comes from the industry-leading self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger before being chilled down by the same massive air-to-air intercooler used in the SRT 6.4L Challenger systems. Yes, it's a bit overkill, but so are the CNC billet aluminum brackets and dedicated drive belt that come as part of the kit.

Challenger under hood image

And this is what things look like under the bonnet. The nice thing about these installations, is that as there is no cutting of the body or underhood trim panels required, the whole system can be removed from the car when you come to sell it. Up to 800 bhp is possible with this package, which is more than enough to send most V8s slinking home counting their cylinders.... Interested, and a Dodge Challenger owner in the UK or in Europe? Talk to us at RND Engineering for a package price including fitting.

Z Car Tuning: From A to Zee (by way of P for ProCharger...)

ProCharger equipped Nissan 350Z

Bolt on a 55-60% power gain and improve the quarter-mile performance of your stock 350Z by up to 1.5 seconds and 12 mph, with even larger gains available for modified application! ProCharger has become the leader in 350Z high performance because an Intercooled ProCharger supercharger system enables you to retain stock drivability and fuel mileage while also outperforming extremely exotic sports cars. A close look at other power adder options shows that ProCharger performance and reliability is absolutely unmatched. Other supercharger systems do not contain ProChargersís advanced supercharger and intercooler design, produce lower increases in power, and are more difficult to install.

As an aside Turbochargers are expensive and very difficult to install, can be unpredictable, and produce limited power gains on pump gas due to exhaust heat. For the brave, nitrous is an option, but requires refilling the bottle, is inconsistent, and can seriously shorten engine life unless appropriate measures are taken to upgrade the engine's internals.

However, it can be argued that an intercooled ProCharger system will deliver the largest power gains available for the 350Z, GB pound for GB pound (or Euro for Euro....). Bear in mind that while other companies are now jumping on the intercooling bandwagon, ProCharger was not only the first to offer an intercooled supercharger system for the Z, the company actually pioneered intercooled supercharging more than five years before its nearest competitor.

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