TVR AJP V8 General Information

AJP V8 engine

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The AJP was designed by Al Melling for TVR back in the early 90s and the first engine was seen in Peter Wheelers Tuscan challenge car in 1994. This was a 4.2 Litre engine, which was destined for the new Cerbera that first appeared in 1996. 

The capacity was increased on later
engines to 4.5 litre. The design is an all-aluminium V8, with a compression Ratio of10.5 to 1.


Cylinder Heads

Single overhead camshaft bucket tappets shim valve adjustment
Camshafts run opposite rotation to the engine
Camshaft lift .500 thou Inlet and Exhaust, Duration 290 Degrees Both
Valve Sizes Inlet 45mm or 1.771 inch Exhaust 36mm or 1.417 inch

Block Assembly

Block 70 Degree V Angle
Bore 4.2 engine 88mm or 3.465 inches 4.5 engine 91mm or 3.583
Stroke Both engines 86mm or 3.386 inches


Pressure cast pop up type fully floating pins
Conrods forged with cap screw bolts


V8 Flat plane design material cast iron
Journal sizes 4.2 big end journals 2 inches main journals 2.3 inches
Journal sizes 4.5 big end journals 2 inches main journals 2.5 inches

Things to Be Aware Of...

Some later 4.2s were actually 4.5 blocks with 4.2 induction systems on them.
Some of the 4.2 crankshafts were known to break on the main journals

Power outputs standard engines

The 4.2 was 340 BHP @ 6500 rpm 320 FT LBS Torque @ 5000 rpm
The 4.5 was 360 BHP @ 6500 rpm 340 FT LBS Torque @ 5000 rpm