Sample Power Data

For your information and interest, we have listed some sample power figures for the various TVR Speed Six engines on this page. Some of this data is for the standard factory specification engines, and there are also sample outputs for a couple of modified engines.

Latest power graphs that we have to share with you are  courtesy of Sabre Tuning's dyono (Sabre are on 07969 165334) The cams and redesigned billet finger followers are ours at RND Engineering,  with  360 degree oiling, GT Valve springs, and an  oil feed to the back of head. As with all our components and engine packages, technical and cam timing specifications were supplied by ourselves, with the work on the customer's car being carried out by Lloyds Specialists Developments in  Warminster (Lloyds are on 01985 998082).

4.3 S6 power graph - Sabre Tuning dyno

The power figures below come from Rob from Oz who managed a creditable 313.3 at the wheels horsepower with our GT cams and our parts on a TVR Tuscan.

IMPORTANT NOTE -  Rob's figures are at the wheels, not at the flywheel, and are measured at a steady output state. See also our page on 'Dyno Facts and Fictions' elsewhere on this site.

Here's what he said in his email:

"Hi Dave,

Put the Tuscan on the Dyno Dynamics at my tuners yesterday. The old motor
produced 354hp at the fly or 295.5 at the rear wheels.

With the rebuild and your cams it produced 313.3 or 382.9 at the fly. Woot

I'm very happy with the results and soon will fit the new Emerald. The tuner
estimates another 15hp...easy.

Again Dave, thanks very much for all your help with parts and your wonderful
advice in helping with the rebuild. I couldn't have have achieved these
results without you and your quality parts.


Rob from Oz engine data

S6 4.0 litre comparative power graphs for engine fitted with RND GT head and standard cam profiles - 

rnd sleeman s6 torqueRND 4.0 litre torque data

rnd 4.0 powerRND 4.0 litre power data

S6 3.6 litre stock power figures -

    S6 3.2 litre stock power figures

S6 3.6 litre stock specification -

      S6 3.2 litre stock engine specification

S6 4.0 litre stock power figures -

 S6 4.0 litre stock power figures

S6 4.0 litre stock specifcation -

     S6 4.0 litre stock engine specification

S6 4.0 litre "Red Rose" engine specifcation. Essentially a 'factory tuned' option for the standard 4.0 litre -
       S6 4.0 litre "Red Rose" engine specification