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The above vehicle is warranted for a period of two year parts and labour or 24000 miles, whichever is the sooner, for specific work carried out on the engine namely full engine rebuild and any upgrades specified by the customer and agreed by the company RND ENGINEERING


The customer will run in the engine for the first 500 miles at no more than 3500 rpm the next 500 miles at no more than 4000 rpm, after the first running in period 500 miles the vehicle is to be returned to RND ENGINEERING or its nominated workshop partner, to be checked and the engine oil and filter to be changed. (Customer to pay for parts ).

In the event the customer wishes the first service to be undertaken by a third-party garage, whether on grounds of convenience or distance, such garage to be approved by
RND ENGINEERING beforehand. The customer to pay all labour and parts costs, and provide a proper itemised commercial invoice copy for labour and parts involved, within 30 days, to validate the warranty. Please also see below regarding approved lubricants.

The customer or any third party are not to do any work or adjustments to the engine or any other work carried out by RND ENGINEERING or its nominated workshop partner unless it is authorised by the company in writing, within the warranty period. .

If it is found that the engine has been tampered with or abused in the warranty period of two year the warranty will be voided.


Rolling road testing

Although we will test vehicles on the rolling road to set up
and do engine mapping and fuel adjustments, at no time is the vehicle to be put on a rolling road unless the engine has covered 2000 miles since rebuild and that it is checked first to make sure there are no leaks of any kind and all oil and water levels are correct and that RND ENGINEERING are informed in writing or email when and where this will be done, Note if the engine is over revved or over heated on the rolling road and the engine is damaged the warranty will be void.

Racing engines, competition use

In accordance with normal industry practice, we cannot offer any warranties on engines specifically built for competition purposes. Likewise, use of any engine, parts or services we have provided in competition, whether sactioned by an approved motorsport body or not, will void any warranties.

Parts and assemblies supply only

Components, engine assemblies - short and long blocks - and cylinder heads supplied for third party fitment or assembly are only warrantied for a period of 1 year from date of purchase or 12000 miles whichever the sooner.

Re-use of customers own engines, engine subassemblies, or other used components

Where a customer's own engine, engine subassembly, or other component is being used as the core unit for any rebuild, modification or upgrade
, RND ENGINEERING will use its best endeavours to visually inspect such core units and components to ensure that they are defect free, and are fit for any additional stresses they may have to bear. However, subsequent failure, and any consequential damage thereby caused, of such previously checked and inspected core units and components,  is excluded from our warranty.

Recommended replacement or upgrade

On occasion, 
RND ENGINEERING may recommend that certain components be replaced, refurbished or upgraded for the engine or subassembly to better cope with additional stresses they may have to bear. In the event of the customer choosing not to have this additional work done,  any subsequent failure, and any consequential damage thereby caused, of such components previously identified as 'at risk', is excluded from our warranty.


Parts and products supplied by RND ENGINEERING remain the property of the said company until full payment is received, and any warranty will be null and void until full payment is received.


If the vehicle is sold during the warranty period the warranty can be transferred providing that the vehicle is returned to RND ENGINEERING or its authorised workshop partner and fully checked before the sale, if this is not done the warranty will be void. Warranties on parts and assemblies are non-transferable.


Only Millers oils are to be used during the warranty period and any oil changes are to be carried out by RND ENGINEERING or its authorised workshop partner, unless specifically authorised otherwise.


If at any time if there is a fault with any work carried out by RND ENGINEERING or its authorised workshop partner, they must be informed immediately and the vehicle to be returned at customers cost, if after investigation it is found that any defect is our responsibility your transportation costs will be refunded.

The above warranty is given in good faith and is agreed between the parties provided all the criteria are met.

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